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  1. Just watched Elysium. Better then I thought it would be and also bawl worthy ending

  2. Im actually a terribly lonely person, I just tend to take most of it and use it as willpower and drive to survive rather then whine that my life sucks. Well, until something despairful comes along and then you get a rage post or two :P

  3. Why do I like Valvarave? It shows how easy social media can manipulated

  4. Oh...Chicago.... Why am I not surprised? http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/19/us/chicago-school-safe-passage-rape/index.html?c=homepage-t&page=1 Seems to be a thing there, but lol its just funny, right? /angry sarcasm

  5. I love it when I get collection calls for Andrew Shipler and they have no idea why they are calling my number looking for this person

  6. This is why I have no faith in online dating http://myokcupidtragedy.tumblr.com/tagged/okc Amanda Finley you should enjoy this

  7. What do I think of arpeggio of blue steel? Well, let's ask the Heavy cruiser ship Maya

  8. Really tumblr? Your new shame word is Titshaming? Freaking christ...anything to dodge accountability

  9. A friend of mine is having way to much fun with her new cat stockings :P

  10. Jo for your betrayal, I will dokafiy everything you every known

  11. I have a confession.... During thanksgiving, despite better thinking, Alex and Hayley left me alone in their room for 20 minutes. During that time they thought I was playing league of legends. When Alex return he said "you went through my computer didn't you?" Yes and no.... I was actually in your phone.... I uploaded a auto user configuration file that is set to create a clock alarm and turn the volume to max, and play a video, hopefully around 2pm jst time when you are in a heavily...

  12. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cosplayer-countdown-a-new-years-eve-party-tickets-9270675841 Showing up just wearing a sock. ...yes, one sock and that's it What? Its in the rules, says its allowed! EAT THAT JERSEY SURE DOUCHEBAGS, WE GOT YAYA FUNBAGS!
  13. And another ---- bike stolen..... In ---- Simpsonville of all places

  14. Must be nice to have friends nearby that you can just suddenly decide to go out with, while the ones that live faraway, get shafted. Seriously, ---- you. I wish evil things upon you for your greedy two faced ways.

  15. I really can't be optimistic when I see the same narcissistic, I'm always right, disregard for other people, having to be told to apologize lying and feeding off peoples fear of lonliness that I witnessed before, happening again and nothing has changed in 4 years.

  16. 45 minutes till I get off work and its 18 wheeler vs bike round 2! This time its cage match no holds barred ladder match with no helmet!

  17. To everyone messaging me "how was Thanksgiving?" Not trying to be rude but if thats all you have to ask, just delete the message. If thats not the only thing, just skip that question. I rather not chat about it and if you keep asking me why, im going to make up some bullshit excuse like "your moms lard ass ate all the stuffing" to make you go away.

  18. Dont invite me over if during the day, you do nothing but sit around and won't go out, but still manage to have time to ----.... Seriously, don't waste my time and my money.

  19. What the f*** is it with Georgia drivers f****** hanging in your goddamn blind spot

  20. My arm from the 18 wheeler hit last night. After opening my bookbag, I realized why im still alive. He hit my bag first and my arm flew back. Only reason im not dead is my backpack was full of uniform clothes for work and I was wearing a helmet from biking

  21. I just got hit by an 18 wheeler, literally

  22. I have a confession. At ohayocon, someone had a cup of water they were using to paint some prop they were working on, while they were sitting right behind the hotel room door. I opened the door from the other side, not knowing they were there, knockong the cup of water all over the prop. I would have apologized if I didnt get three dirty looks from the people standing there, but I the matter of .3 seconds, I decided I had no regrets and I still don't. Mainly because I am pretty sure th...

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