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  1. It's best to call ahead shortly before the con and ask if bag check will be available. This year for A-kon, at the Adams Mark hotel, they failed to tell the entire convention that no bag checks would be admitted on Sunday, which caused quite an uproar.
  2. calling now to check, thanks for the heads up fattytan

    1st call: stupid answering machine....

    2nd call: stupid answering machine....

    3rd call: reserved, two double beds non smoking wooohah! :lol:

    they are taking reserves at the 189 rate, fattytan speaks the truth

  3. To be honest, the Days Inn filling up fast isn't anything new. Staff had up until the 15th to work for those extra rooms when everyone was told to wait. We waited until the 15th as told, so anything past that is fair game.

    I called around 8:20 or so, and the man took my name and number, telling me I was added to a call back list. Since I didn't get another call later, I guess I'll assume they'll just call me on Wednesday. Either way, I'm glad I got rooms at the normal rate just in case.

  4. but baby cosplayer naruto was the best one there!

    yes there is an overflow of naruto stuff, i can careless about the cosplayers but the merchandise...way too much.

    people are going to cosplay whoever they want, if it happens to be the most popular anime and what everyone does, let em do it.

    i for one was glad that i was the only sam fisher with the two other guys being multiplayer bob and steve, shame we didnt get a photo togther

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