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  1. I also loathe world of tanks. Considering none of you would play when I was and now suddenly a effort was made to play it just because it became a thing in Georgia and now people pretty much ignore their friends for the stupid game Go die in a fire

  2. "LOL IM MAD BECAUSE THE MOVIE IS NOT DUBBED KUR KUR KUR" Because they are going to dub a movie that is not even slated for dvd/bluray release and came out less the a month ago in theaters.... Go die you garbage entitled brat

  3. So Cherushii Midori and Hayley Decker, two akb48 songs I have on my phone is uza and ruby. I think a pattern is emerging here. FIND ME MORE WITH THAT PATTERN!

  4. Shame, Alex Velasco forsaken dynasty warriors for horses of steel and mass destruction aka tanks..... Then this came out. He is not worthy http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2013-11-21/restore-your-health-with-real-dynasty-warriors-meat-buns-from-lawson

  5. There really is a point of being way to ---- positive and overly sympathetic. There is this guy that I see commenting on everyone's profile, This guy can literally take baby seal murder and throw a positive spin on it, while apologizing for the seal clubbers. And its that kind of positivity that makes me damn negative

  6. Just made 13 dollars by walking in walmart for 10 minutes and shooting photos of a display, then walking out, some chick walks by, in I ---- you not, a yoko wig, skull hairclip and all, pretty dang cute on top of that and then this plays when I turn my headset on...

    Another unknown greenville cosplayer found Maybe I will get in work and find out my supervisor got hit by a car, that will make this day da best
  7. So before I go to bed I have a question for you all.... How come everyone in a relationship, the boyfriends are the only ones with profile pictures with their girlfriends in them? The girlfriends are not displaying profile pictures with their boyfriends in them. Curious.....

  8. Now starting an indiegogo to reprint the cosplay: do it right or go home shirts. Only because people whined over something that shouldn't have been taken seriously in the first place

  9. Thats right mobiwalkers, you stay the ---- off my mami tomoe youtube video. Didn't expect me to dispute the copyright claim did ya? ---- jackasses.

  10. Tonight in Georgia, ,priorities were thrown asunder. Girlfriends are no longer number 1 on those priority lists... BUT HULKING PIECES OF STEEL THAT FIRE PROJECTILES THAT WILL ROCK YOUR TREADS OFF YOUR TRACKS NOW ARE!

  11. Meh, there is a very heavy drop in quality from the first freezing series to freezing: vibrations At least it still has my favorite Cassie Lockheart in it :P

  12. Fridays at work suck. No one posts except people whining about lack of boyfriends/girlfriends and/or the latest slight against the cosplay community that everyone has to throw a pitchfork at or you are evil incarnate Theres also miss ring your phone and ditch. Who calls you, but you miss the call because your at work, so you call back when you get a chance, only to hear the decline button pushed and not even 1 minute of their time is spent sending you a text, oh sorry busy! So your left s...

  13. Nothing kills a funny thread faster then guys making it obvious they were divorced or complaining about the question "what do you do" :/

  14. Since it is confirmed Brianna Howd does the pomf up on the bed at cons Looking for a katsu room spot :P

  15. Hayley Decker Sara Wittenzellner Share this and get the word out. I just spoken with plaza atlanta management regarding the madoka rebellion movie. Pretty much whats going on is they were listed, but never were notified and also have been trying to get a hold of aniplex to get a copy to show, to which aniplex has been ignoring them. They would love to show it as momocon is also trying to do an event for it, but they have no idea why they are getting ignored and also worried because they...

  16. Playing fire emblem Pairing characters. Move on to Lucina Hook her up with Owain Get ready to S rank their support stat Realize they both have brands..... Bout to marry them.. ... OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE!

  17. I hope Hayley Decker is asleep, so she won't notice me eatting this apple pie

  18. Does anyone know of anyone dropping rooms for Mag fest?

  19. God is not here priest #walkingdeadlivespoilers

  20. Oh yeah, possible dec 26th date for madoka movie at the plaza...

  21. The first madoka rebellion camrip And its horrible quality :Phttp://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=490040

  22. I hope my new medical insurance covers foot doctors. Have a nice bump forming on the back of both my heels :/

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