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  1. Hey guys I need help sewing! So Im going to ask everyone I trash on a weekly basis! ..............

  2. Brennan West, more updates http://www.foxcarolina.com/story/23875404/da I love his white knights coming out. "I know him personally, he would never do this!"

  3. Just literally had a vivid dream, within a vivid dream and remebered almost all of it

  4. Madoka rebellion first three minutes? Straight focusing the camera on Mami's chest

  5. Rick is now the champion of lax fools that think everything just goes away if you ignore it #walkingdeadspoilerliveblog

  6. Plaza atlanta has backpedaled on their "arranging a showtime" back to "TBA" Seems like betty page fucks the world and rocky horror picture show every damn day is more important

  7. Nagisa from madoka movie officially company confirmed for Charlotte. Not like we didn't know this already. CHEESE FLAVORED POPCORN OBVIOUS!

  8. Athena is one heck of a single pony tail a+ qt in the new Phoenix Wright

  9. Hayley Decker Sara Wittenzellner GA Atlanta Plaza Atlanta Arranging a showtime

  10. Just like y'all to know.... Less then 15 hours left

  11. With the hype of pokemon, this is relevant Me and psyduck are going to make it rain on you bitches

  12. "considering no one ever knows what I'm from (I Cosplay mostly from extremely unknown/underground eroge and hentai manga)" No, we know what you are cosplaying from, we just don't give a ----. good freaking night

  13. Likely not going to the ATL madoka showings and just going myself to the greensboro or raleigh one. I feel no connection to the atl group at all and don't feel like being the odd man out, again.

  14. Its going to be a sayaka kind of week....

  15. This is my one warning to everyone right now. If you got an issue with me, say it or get lost. I'm tired of fuckers using me to fish for sympathy behind my back and succeeding. That being said, im in an extremely bad mood and its likely going to be for a while. I'm seriously thinking of blowing the whole cosplay and conventions things permanently how mad I am.

  16. Caught a bidoof Named it Sara Walden

  17. Since I got my 3ds back, Friends code 2380-3738-0984

  18. Sara Wittenzellner Jessica Wistoft Hayley Decker Jo Medley-Rose For dat swag man in yo life that has a unusual love of despairful girl animes http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/10/16/wear-your-love-of-madoka-magica-to-work-with-these-discreetly-nerdy-neckties/

  19. I turned Kill la kill on for 5 minutes.....then turned it off. It is that bad and no wonder aniplex had to hype it that hard.

  20. Going to desert some dessert in the desert

  21. People tell me I worry too much, that im just making things up in my head about certain cons and behavior. Then I saw statistics. Im not crazy, thank you.

  22. Well guys, before I go to bed, theres something I like to write down. Since Awa, for I don't know what reason, I just have been feeling.....bad. Its been progressively getting worse and as much as I try to hide it, I can tell I'm grouchier then usual with a "I don't give a ----" attitude. So in advance I apologize if I come across snarkier then usual. Just some events really trying at my patience and causing stress.

  23. Acen, youmacon and ohayocon continue to make themselves awfully aware how dead to me these three cons are to me. I really don't know how you people function up there Willow Piper how? Its like one gigantic clusterfuck of fake

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