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  1. Are we still going with the policy of autographs only from guests? Last time the people in charge were allowing attendees to take pictures with the guests and that made it so that only 1/3 of the people in line got autographs.
  2. I prefer to pay with cash, but with how things have been at stadiums and shows in Maryland, i wasnt sure. Ive been to various baseball games and wrestling shows in Maryland all year and all the stadiums ive been to had been card only. Wasnt sure if it was a stadium thing or Maryland thing.
  3. Ive always carried around a messenger bag to carry around my stuff like purchases, food, drinks. Are you aloud to have bags in the convention center?
  4. I like to go to Orioles games and their stadium accepts only cards, you cant pay cash for anything. WIll the convention center also not accept cash at the artist alley and dealers room?
  5. Have all guests been announced?
  6. Cassandra LEE (Last Signature i need for my Madoka Pray for Japan Otakon print) and the return of Saori Hayami (the line closed with with the person infront of me being the last person allowed in last year).
  7. This weekend I saw this parody amv called Anime Champloo. One of the scenes was Vegeta yelling "GET OFF THE SHED" at Goten and Trunks. I have been looking for it since I came back from Otakon yesterday and have had no luck. Does anyone know where I can find it? I am alos sorry if this si the wrong place to post this, but I wasnt sure where to put this thread.
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