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  1. kasai

    BWI Hotel Stayers

    I hope to be able to go to otakon next year... and maybe a hotel in the inner harbor.
  2. kasai

    BWI Hotel Stayers

    i be a vocaloid character Hatsune Miku on firday, a original on Saturday and tifa AC (if i get to finish it by then) on sunday... what about you?
  3. kasai

    BWI Hotel Stayers

    i think my friend and we woke up at 11 or 12 the next morning... We uh didn't ,make our costume till the week of otakon so me and my friend was rushing to make and finish our costume before we went and ended up not going till 1 in the afternoon and missed almost everything we planned to see/do... The ride from the hotel all the way to BCC didn't help the time either... >.< I bet this year we are going to do the same thing...wait I'm still not finish with my 2nd costume yet *panic!*
  4. kasai

    BWI Hotel Stayers

    i know what you mean about waking up, the rave is fun but waking up afterward is not. I think it was more than 5 alarm missed last year? I would try to sleep but i might end up staying up late fixing my costume.
  5. kasai

    BWI Hotel Stayers

    but at lease there are hotels available now even if they are not close. I remember last year and i think this year some of my friend are still trying to find a hotel room... but i go to the rave and don't leave till um..1am so the closer the hotel the more i feel safer and less of a train ride.
  6. i went to forever 21 near where i live and they didn't change it yet...i hope they don't' but then again i hope they do.... I'm already really small to a point where i have to wear children cloth (sad i know) but i like the sizing the way it is. I think they are trying to target smaller audience like pre -teen maybe? It just like hot topic, the shirt said XS but it was smaller than an S...maybe they order the sizing wrong or i'm not equally shaped in the same area as others...
  7. kasai

    BWI Hotel Stayers

    my friend and i try to get a hotel in the inner harbor really early since the ending of 2007 of otakon till jan. of 2008.but they told us they don't make reversion till a couple of month till the date on when we want. And the next thing we know it all sold out withing a day.... So now we're staying at the air port hotel again...don't get me wrong it was great but i like it better to walk back to the hotel instead of taking the train... Not sure which hotel it be though..
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