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  1. I've done two obsure-ish characters before. Once I did Commander Amarao from FLCL, who most people know by sight but not by name. Just as I expected, everyone just said "Oh hey it's that eyebrows guy!" or "Those eyebrows...". Last year I cosplayed as Missing No., a well known glitch from Pokemon Red and Blue. About 5/6ths of the congoers didn't get it, and ignored me or thought I was a Tetris block. Anyone that HAD played those first Pokemon games screamed in joy at me. Eventually I had to force myself to go change out of my costume not just because of the heat or the difficulty of m
  2. Oh wow. I wish I was cosplaying as Missing No. again like I did last year, but sadly I am not.
  3. Missing No. from the original Pokemon games. Big pixely cardboard box. Any pics?
  4. So I did an informal count while I was there and I counted at least 23 different Jokers.
  5. Ok, so in my experience any mock-battle between cosplayers that occurs is usually random and spontaneous, but after watching so many great cosplay con battles on youtube I feel like there should be some sort of mock free-for-all planned for cosplayers. I dunno, something like 3 or 4pm in that one main big room with all the escalators (I forgot what it's called on the map ' ). Is anybody interested in something like this? Just want to see what people's thoughts were on it. Here's an example of what I'm talking about, and the room that I'm talking about s well:
  6. I think it's wonderful that there is always such a wide range of cosplays at cons. I think that each con should be have a cosplay population that is mostly based on what that con is all about (whether it be sci-fi, star wars, fantasy, or anime) but there's nothing wrong with other fandom cosplays participating. I've seen Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Jedi, american superheros, and even pop-culture references like Dave Chappelle's version of Prince and the Jolly Green Giant at Anime conventions, jsut like I've seen Lupin the 3rd and Sailor Moon cosplayers at sci-fi conventions. A good ratio fo
  7. Missing No. from the Pokemon games. And maybe my old Lupin the 3rd costume.
  8. Hey, I'm coming to Otakon as Missing No., the famous glitch from the original Pokemon games. This essentially boils down to me in a cardboard box. Does anyone with experience in wearing huge costumes (Mecha, huge fluffy creatures, etc.) have any advice for me? I've never cosplayed as something physically large and cumbersome before. Should I only wear it for certain parts of the day then take it back to the hotel? If so, when's the best time to walk around in this badboy? Should I avoid tight spaces like the dealer's room altogether when I'm in costume? Shoudl I cut out only eyeholes or
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