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  1. Blue Scout here and ready for action! I'm like a force of nature baby! Can't wait!
  2. This is my first ever Otakon... actually this is my first ever Convention. I decided to try and go all out, but I'm short on time and money... assuming I get things finished I should be Reno of the Turks Blue Scout of Team Fortress 2 I'm hoping to get contacts before the convention since I desperately need my glasses and I don't think it'd be fitting to either character if I wore them. So here's hoping! If anybody is interested in contacting me about meet-ups or anything, send me a PM (I check multiple times a day) or AIM me @ The Misled Youth. See you all at Otakon
  3. This is my first time going to Otakon! I'll be there Tursday all day and I'd like to meet up with some people to get a feel for the area and meet some new folk! Contact me and we'll make plans! E-Mail: cjgoley[at]gmail[dot]com AIM: The Misled Youth Facebook: Click Here I look forward to hearing from you all and making new friends!
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