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  1. I don't think the lights will be a problem. I'm so excited to be staying there this year. In 07 I was in the Hyatt which was great. In 08 I stayed in the Intercontinental and let's just say it wasn't great. Very long walk to and from BCC/harbor. The Hilton should be great, though.
  2. So, when's the 2009 deadline? I know it's early, but you can never be too prepared . Anybody else already started for next year?
  3. I'm thinking of entering an AMV in their contest (would be my first contest). I want to start out small but not too small. NYAF seems nice and in the middle.
  4. HUGE umbrellas please. I wanted one but you didn't have any this year.
  5. Wanted Haruhi badge. LOL
  6. Oooh I did!! It was fun. Wish I could've stayed for the trivia game, though.
  7. Place I stayed: Harbor Court Intercontinental Hotel Number of people in room: 3 Hotel Staff: Friendly...? Front desk staff was the only helpful people, everyone else was not that informative. Walk to the con center: About 10-12 minutes with someone with bad knees, probably 7-10 minutes for anyone else The bad: Almost $1400 for the three nights. Not even a harbor view. Yeah I know its a 5 Star hotel, but seriously. NOT WORTH IT. Can't hook up a portable DVD player to the TV. Internet Was $4 dollars FOR AN HOUR, and $12 for a day. Rollaway (which I called for in the early afternoon an
  8. Booked my Hyatt room on Monday! Not at Otakon price though, that was gone. Had to stay in the Harbor Court Intercontinental this year, not fun. 5 stars my eye! Any chance of Hilton rooms coming available? It pay the money plus my cancelation fee if there were rooms.
  9. How many of you got a Squishable? That was probably the best valued thing I purchased lol. I could not find a father hat ANYWHERE! Did anybody get one? Anyway heres what I got: DVDs: Kaleido Star New Wings True Star Collection Box- $40 at the ADV booth DNAngel Box- $65 ath the ADV booth Gunslinger Girl Box- $35 at some booth whose name has been forgotten (sorry) Ah! My Goddess Box- $55 at the same forgotten booth Gurren Lagann vol 1- $20 at a different booth whose name I can't remember Otakon stuff: 2 Tshirts Funny story: I bought one for my dad and my mom wan
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