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  1. Tentacle Selling! Booyah!

  2. Katie Bair is not taking character wig commissions, it's stated on her website. And if you're looking to add black to the bottom of the wig, you could always buy, or make, black hair wefts and sew them into the wig. Using this method would involve no dying at all. And the sharpie method or FW ink dying methods actually work really well. The secret to those methods is to rinse really really well.
  3. I'm just upset that the tee-shirts sold out. I've gotten one every year I went to the con, but this year ran out when I finally got to go to the dealers room.
  4. Wake up, usually around 6am or earlier. Darn internal alarm clock set way, way too early. Hit hotel gym for a bit. Shower, grab some breakfast, watch some news. Wake everyone else in the process of getting into my costume. Enjoy con...
  5. I talk to people and I pictochat. Funny thing, I ended up traveling to another part of the country months later after the con and our waiter in a restaurant was like "I know you from somewhere." And I was like huh? And then he remembered we had talked to each other in line waiting for the masquerade. He even remembered what costume I was wearing. lol. I wish I had a memory like that, but it was funny how he remembered.
  6. Otakon doesn't set up cosplay photos or photoshoots. The cosplayers do and like the post above you're better off checking cosplay.com for that schedule and locations of such shoots. Check Here: http://www.cosplay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12 They do however have a photosuite where you can get your picture taken and purchase prints. You can find information for that on this thread: /index.php?showtopic=15015&hl=photosuite">http://board.otakon.com/index.php?showtopi...p;hl=photosuite
  7. No, our hotel is outside of downtown Baltimore... and the costume is not very seatbelt friendly. I guess can put the seatbelt/sitting inhibiting parts on in the parking garage. Yeah I might just need to grit my teeth a bare it and hope that I don
  8. Do you have a hotel room close by or is it some distance? I have bulky costumes but they've never posed an issue and I just suck up the fact that it's hot and get myself to the con center. But I also have friends who act as handlers to help me move. However, if you're at a point where the size is too big to get in the doors, you might want to partially wear the costume and just friends lug the extra pieces until you can get them on in the con center area.
  9. That sounds like fun. What type of cosplayers are you looking for? And when would you be conducting these interviews. I'm involved with events on saturday but would be more than willing friday or sunday.
  10. Thanks for the reply, I always get nervous that my entries don't go through cause I've known that to happen in years past.
  11. Did confirmation emails start going out for the HCC? I filled out the form the first day it went up, and I hadn't heard anything, but my friend who applied several days afterward said she already got her confirmation. Just nervous that my application got lost again.
  12. If memory serves me right, she would definitely be entered in the Youth category. As for rules, Otakon's Hall and Masquerade rules are very similar to most costuming contests, and since your stepdaughter is a Youth, I think she would need to be accompanied by an adult.
  13. Many cosplayers post their plans over at cosplay.com under the Otakon thread. Photoshoots are also arranged there as well. And it should be no problem finding other Akatsuki members during Otakon.
  14. I've never had any problem with the actual service and I've been there the last several years. The only problem that seems to pop up is Otakon reservations. It's apparently really bad this year. But the Days Inn is the most sought after hotel just for the convenience, or so it seems. Granted, it's not as grand as some of the other hotels in the area but it has always suited our con attending purposes. And still is much higher in the cleanliness and general upkeep than more expensive hotels that I've stayed in for cons.
  15. You can't get the Otakon rates through the hotel websites. The prices on the websites are usually the "best available" rates. You have to call the hotels and specifically ask for the Otakon rate. It's best if you call the actual hotel and not the national reservation line. Though sometimes you can get the block price through the national lines. And remember, some of the hotels are sold out of otakon block rooms, so you may have to get the available room rates. Things like AAA memberships can also help lower the price in some cases.
  16. Well considering...the best available rate was 179 last year. This year it's 199, the same as the con rate. Not that big of a yearly jump considering the cost of everything is going up.
  17. Non-con Days Inn rate last year for 4 people was 179. So 199 isn't bad at all.
  18. Not if the block is already set aside, in which this case, it is.
  19. It's not necessarily just the price that is the driving factor to getting the Days Inn. It's the fact that it's pretty much the closest hotel. For some of us cosplayers that have "obnoxious" costumes, the convenience of the Days Inn and Holiday Inn really can't be beat. I know there are also the hotels attached by skywalk, but between price and location, the afforementioned 2 really can't be beat.
  20. But considering the size of the waiting list they set up for the otakon block, I'm pretty sure that the rooms are as good as gone in the con block. Btw, it took them nearly 4 hours to return my call from the initial call back list. I'm assuming the list is pretty big.
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