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  1. Days Inn now says that they won't be taking reservations at the Otakon rate until August 22nd. But they are supposed to be calling people throught that courtesy call list. Knowing my luck, they'll probably call me back when I'm riding my motorcycle where I can't answer the phone.
  2. I see (said the blind man)..erm *cough cough* Yeah, but I always book for 4 because otherwise, you could end up with only one bed. And silly male friends...they refuse to share beds with other guys. :wink:
  3. Nah, just reserved the room online at the Days Inn website.
  4. Over 13 means over 13. So if you have someone that's 14 performing with you in the masquerade, you would not be considered a Youth Entry. Parents or legal guardians usually are 18+, unless a court grants legal guardianship under special circumstances to someone under 18. So essentially, you will need a parent or legal guardian to accompany you.
  5. It's actually not very common at cons, but has become more popular at anime cons in the last year or so...especially after last years, anime cosplay chess drama. *rolls eyes* You tend to see it more at rennaissance fairs and the like. Anywho, most of the organizers of cosplay chess usually run it like a panel, so it would be up to the organizers of the chess events if they'd like to run it at Otakon, or if someone else stepped up to run it. And apply for permissions and such like other events. Though it would be neat to see more of a variety of characters that would show up at a huge con l
  6. I haven't heard of anyone getting a confirmation since putting in an application. I think the last few years, it did take a couple days before I got a confirmation that my application was accepted. I'm sure cosplay staff has a lot of apps and other things they go through, as well as their normal jobs and life. Hope that helps.
  7. Well, since the actual schedules aren't up, except for the concert...Here's my best guess to an answer. The saturday concert starts at 4 lasting approximately 2 hrs. Assuming it doesn't start late for some reason. Plus 3/4 mile walk back to the BCC/First Mariner Arena (say 20 minutes). I'm thinking last year the Masquerade started at 8? I think fashion show participants had to check into the area sometime btween 6-7? My memory is horrible. I'm assuming you probably wouldn't go to the concert in costume. Or maybe you would. But if you had to change for the fashion show, you'd be cut
  8. The fashion show is typically held at the end of the Masquerade, so it would be in the same place. The first Mariner Arena is about a block north of the convention center: see the map from the website: http://www.otakon.com/images_content/location_map.jpg
  9. Wouldn't you think that would be inherently dangerous for the audience? I know they are just little things, but considering that someone in the audience might not be paying attention the moment something comes hurtling off the stage... Kapow!! someone's eyeball get's poked out. Or worse yet, you manage to damage part of a cosplayers costume! :shock: It just sounds like a bad idea.
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