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  1. Oh man, that's one of my alltime favorite shows, I would DEFINITELY recognize you! I was Nanny from the Rose of Versailles. Basically an obscure character from a 1978 anime. I was surprised about 3 people knew who I was, haha
  2. ah. yeah...obscure cosplays? well...pita-ten isn't exactly well known... it's not exactly invisible either...but still. i cosplayed as Pajama!Shia for I-kon 08. haha. i got several picture requests, but they didn't know who i was cosplaying as. ^^;; BUT there was this one girl who recognized me. lol. she totally rocked and made my day. coincidentally, i ran into her at animenext 09, too. too bad i didn't bring my shia cosplay. =\ but i shall be dragging my adorable lil shia to otakon this year! =D i hope people will recognize~
  3. uwa~ did anyone go to animeNEXT 09? there was a pokemon vs. digimon soccer game! XD i was one of the gazillion pikachus. XD i'll probably pack pikachu with me for Otakon 09, too. haha.
  4. hey~ i'll be there as Im Yong Soo (Korea) ^^ y'all better be ready to surrender your vital regions~!!! <333
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