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  1. From video game music to anime intro tunes (in Japanese and English), from mini-raves and shameless danceoffs, from jazz and rock bands forming on the spot to folks who'd been playing together for years...

    Yeah. It was all there.

    Club Otaku didn't get a whole lot of publicity, but for those of us who ended up hanging around and making some music, it was probably the best part of the con. The dynamic of the music played went from silly to hardcore to irreverent and all the way back to folksy and jazz--we even had one gal who brought her saxophone all the way from FLORIDA, and a metal band who did original songs in Japanese!!

    Badassery abounded, and this room NEEDS to make a comeback next year. I miss you folks already, but I know you're still being awesome, wherever you are.

    Those of you who took pictures and videos, why not post some links??

  2. Hmm... I'd say the best part for me was seeing a bunch of younger people playing instruments, and have the older, more experienced people encouraging them to keep going instead of ruthlessly bashing them. To see a group of people that have never met before do something so encouraging really helps to renew my faith in people.
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