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  1. [i will be looking for volunteer help for Otakon 2009 but I will not be taking applications just yet since it's months away. Be sure to check the General Topics forum for my new post!! This time around I will be accepting Male and Female for either Part-time or Full-time positions. However, it's limited since 4 people that helped volunteer at NYAF 08' wants to help me out for this con so that will only leave 5 spots!!! I will be at AnimeUSA and Zenkaikon. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. -cheers!
  2. Hello Yall, Another Otakon has past and every year it just gets better and better!! Thanks to all of my volunteers! I am now accepting applications for NYAF and AUSA!!! Please don't delay because I only have 4 spots!! thank you, Ted
  3. Hello YET AGAIN I will also be taking applications for NY AnimeFest (Sept. 26th - 28th) and AnimeUSA in VA (Oct. 10th - 12th). So don't delay and apply now! Cheers! Ted
  4. Well I prefer to have 2 females only because I have so many guys and I want to have a well balanced booth. Plus, I don't want girls calling me a sexiest for only having just guys work the booth. I personally really don't care whether you are male or female. What really counts is whether you are an honest and hard working person who enjoys cons like we do. Please keep in mind that signups are for serious people who want to apply for a volunteer position and not just to get a 10% discount. I will be taking all applications MALE or FEMALE! Just because I prefer females doesn't necessa
  5. Hello Again! I forgot to add that the volunteers must like Techno/Club/Dance Music including Korean & Japanese Pop cuz we will be jamming it all convention long, as well, as playing some Cool Anime/Live-Action Movies on our 50" LCD tv!!! We not only come to sell but we also like to have fun there too! NO party poopers allowed!!! Cheers! Ted
  6. Hello Otakon Fanatics! I had 2 people bail out on me on the last minute. I'm in desperate need to find 2 HONEST & HARD-WORKING people who has an easy and fun personality! I prefer 2 girls (sorry fellas) since I have 5 guys working the booth and only 1 girl to balance out the sexes. BUT on the otherhand it is not a definite. Basically what it comes down to is how well you will be able to mesh with everyone in my group. So guys can apply BUT females are first choice. If you are a girl who thinks she's all that or HOT! then you need not apply cuz I could care less about l
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