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  1. oh no man no negative feelings were intended i was just wondering if that was what it was lol but some of those costumes actually are pretty cool
  2. yea so i just happened to type in otakon 07 in you tube and what do you know this person recorded everything from waiting in line to get in to the rave everything all 3 days so u should really check it out if you havent been to otakon before itll give you a little taste of what its like....also such as how long the lines are gonna be lol...heres the link but yea toward the end i think they start LARPing or something...and wow is that really larp? cuz if it is all i will say is.....wow...lol..if i started to do that stuff at my age i would stab myself in the head
  3. whats up me and my j friend tomoya from yokohama are coming and just wondering if any of you know any bars that are near by the convention center?
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