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  1. Well, I'm bringing my mom...or she is bringing me as she is driving. She is also paying for everything. I love her, lol! She was skeptical of going when we first went to years ago, but I begged her to take me, and she actually enjoyed it. She just felt old. I'm not bringing friends this year, but I'm sure to meet up with some of them there.
  2. I'm going as Megumi from Zatch Bell. I'm making a Tia doll to match my costume as well. I don't have any ideas for the other days, so it's just Megumi for now.
  3. I have diamond version and will most likely have it with me. I would love to trade with people!
  4. It's my first time cosplaying. I'm going to be Excel from Excel Saga and my friend is going as Hyatt.
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