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    Anime manga j-pop video games working out my family and friends and art work even though I have no talent for it myself I appreciate other's talents for it

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  1. hi I noticed your post on the hotels topic and was wondering if you still wanted a holiday's inn room for 2012 ?

  2. Oh I get it ^_^

    just had to ask

  3. Sorry, I never saw your comment until now! e_e;; /derpderp Do you mean the 'wat.'? It's just me being random; no hidden meaning or anything. XD;

  4. Hi I just wanted to say I like the Pikachu it's a cool picture ^_^

  5. I'm just curious but what is your personal statement for/mean ? if you don't mind me askin ^_^

  6. the schedule isn't out yet but you can get it off of the guidebook app but you have to have one of those smartphones like an android or something ^_^ any other questions ?

  7. man I'm shocked you put that as your profile picture it's hilarious XD oh and I commented on your hotel pool topic

  8. I'm 25 and for the most part normal.

    yeah but for a anime fan what exactly is normal :P

  9. that's really good cosplay you did a great job ^_^

  10. Oh well I was just saying it's not something you hear every day.

    So what started off your anime addiction

  11. oh I see. I bet that's an interesting story


  12. Yeah but those are my step-parents my real parents cosplay and might be at Otakon I'm so excited to meet them :) I haven't seen them in 15 years

  13. well at least there like every other parents when it comes to anime I don't think any of them like their kids watching it ^_^

  14. Yeah they aren't :( They think it's stupid and a waste of my time

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