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  1. well I certainly try to be ^_^ I'm glad everything's alright

  2. well I'm not a fan of nights myself either but the money's good so I really can't complain to much

  3. and the reason why I don't AIM is because I'm using my cell phone but a friend of mine showed me that skype isn't just for video chats you can use it like an instant messenger and my phone offers a skype account so I just signed up for it

  4. hey did that message I sent you go through ?

  5. hey did that message I sent you go through ?

  6. hey I haven't heard back from you from the last message I sent everything alright ?

  7. I just wanted to say I like your personal statement it's just so true ^_^

  8. hay I just saw you visited my page and I always make sure to stop by and say hi to anyone who pays me a visit and I like to meet new people so I would love to chat sometime if you're interested ^_^

  9. I was just curious but do you practice martial arts or are you just interested in them ?

  10. Ah you have nothing on here about yourself that must make you pretty mysterious

    ^ _ ^

  11. I really like your about me page It's really short and simple ^_^

  12. Aww why do you dislike fangirls there such fun


  13. well coolest person nice to meet you ^_^

  14. wow I just have to say you are the only other person I have seen on here who actually likes ranma that is and will always be my favorite I just wanted to say that's cool ^_^

  15. sorry I didn't mean to visit your page twice but I was just reading an old post you put up about working in a vet's office it just caught my eye I'm a animal lover myself I have too long haired doxens male and female and 5 cats anyway and I wasn't sure if I'd been on your profile before so I figured I would pay you a visit to see if you'd like to chat sometime my name is za

  16. hi there I just got done reading a post you put on the topic for guest request I noticed you put down Dan Green I put a request down for him last year unfortunately it didn't take maybe we get lucky this year anyway I just wanted to stop and say thank you for that and just kinda introduce myself my name is Zach hi ^_^

  17. hey thanks for sending me that site it was just what I was looking for ^_^

  18. hey I just wanted to say I like your idea for gambit I too have a goatee and have trouble finding characters to cosplay as and I might try that this year for otakon thanks ^_^ and if you happen to have a facebook page I'd like to send you a friend request because I like meeting and chatting with new people anyway that's all I want to say thanks again

  19. hey I like your picture out of curiosity where did you get 1 that moves