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  1. hi I noticed your post on the hotels topic and was wondering if you still wanted a holiday's inn room for 2012 ?

  2. Hi I just wanted to say I like the Pikachu it's a cool picture ^_^

  3. the schedule isn't out yet but you can get it off of the guidebook app but you have to have one of those smartphones like an android or something ^_^ any other questions ?

  4. man I'm shocked you put that as your profile picture it's hilarious XD oh and I commented on your hotel pool topic

  5. I'm 25 and for the most part normal.

    yeah but for a anime fan what exactly is normal :P

  6. that's really good cosplay you did a great job ^_^

  7. Oh well I was just saying it's not something you hear every day.

    So what started off your anime addiction

  8. oh I see. I bet that's an interesting story


  9. well at least there like every other parents when it comes to anime I don't think any of them like their kids watching it ^_^

  10. oh I see.

    are they're not fans of you liking anime ?

  11. well that's not too bad but I can see your point :(

  12. well I can see why otakon is the best I take it you fly down ? I can't imagine how much that must cost so how many times have you been to the convention already ?

  13. oh I see well that's a bummer :(

  14. Love your name It's cool ^_^

  15. your only 18 why would this be your last year at otakon if you don't mind me asking ^_^

  16. I understand that no free time otakon is the only time off I take all year.so in Kendo you good ?

  17. would you find it rude of me to ask how old you are ?

  18. what an interesting little coincidence ^_^

  19. hey that's funny I didn't even notice that I was just on your profile the other day two after I came across your post on the otakon Singles Dating

  20. it's okay it happens I figured you just didn't want to talk to me because it kinda happens often to me sometimes people are a little hesitant to talk to me because well the reason I was given was because I look a little scary and or creepy. I just tell everyone it's because of the beard :P so it's cool ^_^ so have you been practicing martial arts long or was it something you just g

  21. hey hey been visiting my page lots want to talk about something ? and I sent you another friend request on facebook I keep losing you on my friends list somehow anyway if you want to talk about something just shoot me a pm

  22. hey you couldn't have picked a better present for yourself ^_^

    Otakon is the best

  23. well I certainly try to be ^_^ I'm glad everything's alright

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