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  1. Ness: 100% I have finally completed my Ness outfit (I know it is not very hard, just had to buy a bunch of stuff, but I got started on it late ). The only thing I might add would be some white tape around the baseball bat handle. Also, I ordered a yellow backpack and I got it yesterday, but it is more of a yellow-greenish color and it is A LOT smaller than I thought (it is very hard to find a yellow backpack in stores). I guess we will see how it looks. See you all at Otakon and good luck finishing up your costumes!
  2. I will be Ness from Earthbound! Sadly, I will only be there on Saturday though P.S. - Mr. Saturn! 8-(:?o) or (oC:)-8
  3. I will be going as Ness from Earthbound, but he is in SSBB too, so I guess you could count me in on this I can't wait for Otakon, hope to see you there! Also, I will only be there on Saturday sad.gif but I am glad I am going at all.
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