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  1. I am definitely planning on attending Otakon 2009 this year. It's my first time living up in the northern states (from FL originaly) so I'm really excited! I will be cosplaying Sexy Jutsu Kakuzu; links here Sexy Jutsu kakuzu
  2. Well.. as a complete narutard, I'd have to say that it *does* suck when people are like "Oh, you're cosplaying a naruto character" and they're all EPIC FAIL about the whole thing. But everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so whatever. Sure, if naruto or bleach isn't your cup of tea and you happen to go to a convention that's got like 98653948239473943843 of those types of characters, you'll prolly be all "OMFG" b/c of how many there are and it just might spoil your fun. If it really bothers you that much, then look the other way. Otherwise, there really isn't a whole lot you can do ab
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