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  1. Sounds good to me!... How far is the hilton? :S
  2. Amacfa

    NYAF - Otakon

    What is differences and similarities between the two? Otakon has 26,000 attendee's, how much does NYAF?
  3. I like the (thinkgeek?) pixel tie. Also, where/when will you be DJ'ing in the future?
  4. http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/658/2fastsx1.jpg yeah, chIef.
  5. I was there that night, you were great, and I love how you started with "The device has been modified" song.
  6. Waiting in line from 11pm-8:15am, sounds like a drag but I really had fun with the other people in line! As for the con itself, the atmosphere, the entire feeling of the convention was amazing.
  7. I'm already outside the Baltimore Convention Center waiting in line!
  8. Since I fell in love with Otakon (My first con) I am definitely attending more in the near future. One thing that might make hold back on some of the longer distance conventions (California from Connecticut) is cost? Including the price of the ticket, flights, hotels, and any transportation to your hotel, how much was your trip?
  9. This was my first con and I hope all cons are like this one. While I don't have anyone to thank specifically, I wanted to thank everyone for being nice. I know that where ever you go, there is bound to be one or two jerks who decide to open their mouth. However, everyone here was polite, funny, and sociable. About your story, I'm glad those people helped you out, I've been in that position too where that one big thing will bring you down, then a bunch of little things to top it which eventually make you break. I might not have done what they did at the time, but after you shared your sto
  10. I was a very light Anime watcher. I used to watch watch some Dragon Ball Z, Utena, Evangelion, and Cowboy Bepop in the past, but not so much currently. I was actually visiting Baltimore for the summer to visit some relatives, relatives who had told me a while back that 'Otakon', an anime convention would be taken place in Baltimore, at the time (yes, I'm sorry) I really didn't think much of it since I was not into anime as I once was. But that was going to change... I had been really bored lately, and my in-laws had headed out of town for a reunion so I was all alone in my house.
  11. Amacfa

    LFG Otakon

    I'm heading out to wait in line sometime around 1-2am, however I would *much* rather not wait hours in boredom, listening to the same song play list six times, or have to lean my head to overhear a conversation about lolcats. So, anyone (or group) already, or planning to wait all night (and morning), and who would be willing to take me in. Obviously we'd have much more to talk about if we shared interests: Movie buff WoW Computer Hardware College (I'm a level 18 Male Human) Thanks!
  12. I'll need answers today so that we can order requests into the store.
  13. Hello I will be attending Otakon for my first time (and first -con ever) and I plan to have blast. I'm only visiting Baltimore for the summer, and it is a great city (at least the inner harbor area). Best Buy is a few blocks down the street from the Convention Center, and I've been asked to ask Otakon atendee's what anime they want us to carry at the store. Huzzah! You can visit BestBuy.com and view our entire inventory, you can ask here if we have it in the store, if it turns out we need to order it, we will have it in hopefully before Otakon begins. P.S. Sorry if this
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