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  1. Wow, sounds like there's going to be some awesome cosplays this year! Friday: I'll be Android 18 from DBZ. A friend I'm going with will be 17, so look out for us! Saturday: I'll be Howl from Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle, wandering around with a Sophie. (Note: Due to time constraints, we couldn't finish Howl's jacket, so our theme is End of the Movie! Howl and Sophie) It'll be interesting, since it's our first time cosplaying.
  2. There are really only two things I really want to go to this year at Otakon.. and unfortunately I can't go to one of them due to my group's scheduling issues. Ah well! Here they are anyway: -The Tokyo traveling on a budget panel on Friday -The Phoenix Wright Interactive Trial (the one I can't go to). There are a few other things I wouldn't mind checking out- like the Making of Visual Novels workshop- but I won't be quite as irked if I don't happen to make it this time.
  3. Well, since my group's showing up on Friday, we're not going to be in the Thursday line at all. But on Friday... we're getting there around noon or so, so we hopefully won't have to deal with as huge a line as those who show up earlier in the day. Last time I went to Otakon, we showed up at noon and got through the prereg line within an hour (and that flew by pretty fast).
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