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  1. I'll have my Germany costume with me at Otakon, though I have no idea when I'm wearing it. XDDD
  2. LOL! So FF costume updates on my end! My group and I decided on making some other costumes, so rather than bringing my entire arsonal of FF costumes I'll only be bringing....SEYMOUR (FFX) and my WHITE MAGE VIERA (FFTA2). <3 BUT STILL OMFG FF COSPLAY <3 XD
  3. Omg awesome costumes listed so far! I know for sure I'm bringing SEYMOUR (FFX) and more than likely JOTE (FFXII). I have several others that I may entertain the ideas of bringing like AL-CID (FFXII), TOMAJ (FFXII/FFXII:RW), KUJA (FFIX) and SQUALL (FFD). I'm not postive on those though. But definately Seymour and Jote! XD
  4. I'm going to be bringing Behemoth!Sano, Spitfire (Musical Verison) and Lind Wanijima! =D
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