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  1. I'll be there as Ness. Well, I'm not certain. If all goes well, then yes. I was just planning on hanging out at a SSB meetup or something, but I'd LOVE a MOTHER specific one!
  2. I'd like to thank all the nice tall people in front of me during photoshoots! xD Namely the two guys I met during Bandai's Code Geass cosplay event/Yuri Lowenthal autograph session. I'm tiny, around five feet tall, and there were much taller and bigger people around me, pretty much pushing me around for a closer spot. At first I didn't get a chance to take any photos or even see the cosplayers, but during Bandai's event a nice guy in front of me let me switch places with him so I could be in front and take photos! When the line started and people were blitzing into it, another guy told th
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