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  1. To anyone who was involved in the dance/rave: Thank you so much. I have been into electronic dance music for 3 years, but have never gotten a chance to dance to it, mostly because of my young age. Going to a dance like that was somthing I have dreamed of doing for years... and it finally happened. The only problem now is how long I will wait before doing that again. :emo tears: All the Djs, especially the small-room ones, were great, especially Friday Night. Someone needs to lower the temperature or spray febreze in the small room on saturday night though. My friend and I could
  2. 1 The people. This being my first con, it was just mind-blowing to see so many people that were like me. Everyone was so friendly! 2. The dealers room. It was like heaven, I spent every penny. 3. The Rave. I've been into that kind of music for 3 years, but, being a teen, have never gotten to dance to it. The rave was a dream come true. <3 The only problem was the issue of saturday night smell. 4. Gothic Lolita fashion show. It was very well done. I'm definatly coming back next year!
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