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  1. I'm planning on going as Kiyuurin Kaoru (Ouendan 2) Also, I'm curious, will there be other Ouendan cosplayers?
  2. I second the unaired seasons of Sailor Moon. But other than that... I was really happy with the programming this year. (Though I had to run everywhere to see the things I wanted.) So have no other ideas.
  3. NYAF was my first con. Otakon, my second. But I enjoyed myself at NYAF. I bought things, took pics, sat down. It's not as great as Otakon, but it's still enjoyable all the same.
  4. @ jrosario7: No idea. And what did I buy? 1 Japanese Geisha Fan ($6.00) 1 Death Note, complete with OST and Pen ($25.00) 1 Beet the Vandel Buster DVD ($5.00) 1 Aya Hirano Music CD ($3.00) 1 Sakura plushie ($5.00) 3 "iObject" Phoenix Wright Shirts. Featuring Phoenix (Blue), Miles (Magenta), and Godot (Teal). ($50.00) 4 DDR Arrow Buttons ($4.00) 4 Smiley Buttons ($4.00) 12 Artist Prints ($70.00) - Namine - Ulquiorra and Grimmjow - Lelouch and C.C. - Roxas and Sora - Riku - Cloud - Cloud (FF7AC) - Sephiroth - Sora Wisdom, Valor and Master Form - Rukia
  5. I understand. Some people who didn't get in are begging for a recording or something. But when I told them what it was, they're glad they didn't miss anything. ------------------------------------------------ But even if the line was large at first, I only waited like 30 minutes at the most. I heard something about people sneaking in and such. Is there basis to this rumor?
  6. Place I stayed: Quality Inn West Number of people in room: 5 Hotel Staff: Rude and irresponsible Walk to the con center: Walk? Driving takes 10 minutes. The only good thing about my trip was Otakon and the bed. The bed was comfortable. But the rest was horrid. Would I stay there again? If I had to. But I'm looking for a different hotel thi time around.
  7. Let me get to the point. The line for the Phoenix Wright mock trial was ridiculous. I mean, even the Death Note movie and The Girl Who Lept Through Time weren't as packed. The line was closed! But then it opened? I really didn't get it at all. </rant> But anyway. do you think the wait was worth the panel? Personally I think it wasn't THAT great, especially since they were short staffed. (I think their Ema Skye was sick with the flu.) But it was entertaining. Especially the auidence participation.
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