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  1. Hello all 2008 Otakon Attendees!

    I just wanted to take this time to send an unbelievably huge THANK YOU to just about everybody I met at the con this year. This is only my second time cosplaying, and I (as well as my wife) labored for a month or two to get Silent Bob's outfit, looks, and mannerisms just right. I was rewarded by an overwhelming number of people hugging, taking pictures, or just walking up and saying great comments about my costume. I was pretty nervous going into it all- Silent Bob's shoes are big ones to fill (so to speak).

    So thank you all so, so, so much for your awesomeness towards the Bob. I will return again next year, as well as making some appearances at Ohayocon and Origins in Columbus, Ohio in 2009.

    I hope I brought a smile and delight to Otakon for all of you as well! Thanks and see ya next year!

    (P.S. - Special thanks to the guy/girl who was in the Darth Vader uniform, our epic battle was the highlight of the con for me)

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