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  1. I'm working on a secret plan for NYAF. But for Otakon next year I'm hellbent on doing a good Fujiwara-no Sai. Let's hope my determination holds up!
  2. Apologies in advance for my accursed longwindedness... First of all, I really enjoyed this panel! In fact, it was one of the best events of the weekend for me. Given, as mentioned above, the fringe/niche-ness of the subject and the likelihood that interested people have already seen much of what you had to show, you all managed to make the panel really fun and interesting. The discussion of roots in ukiyo-e and other Japanese art, and the progression from (especially) Yoshitoshi's work through the modern era to contemporary stuff -- all set in a coherent historical narrative -- was pretty
  3. If this happens (and I hope it does!), I might have to revive my idea of "cosplaying" Hideki Matsui as a Yomiuri Giant.
  4. Mostly cosplayers, a few other bits of randomness. The set may grow a bit more over the next week or so.
  5. MVP Bus from NYC was cheap ($35 r/t) and, unlike the other Chinatown buses to B'more, drops off only a mile or so from the Con Ctr. Came in Thurs. evening and made the hike with our bags to pick up our badges. Except for the obligatory discomfort and annoyances of Chinatown busing, this went smoothly and happily. Stayed with a college friend in Hampden, which is near the light rail, so room & board costs were minimal. The light rail did betray us on Sunday morning (didn't come for over an hour, without any delay announcement, before we managed to get a ride from a generous new friend)
  6. Glad to see other people were looking for HnG stuff, too... I didn't see a lot, but did get a couple little notepads -- one w/Hikaru and one w/Toya Akira. A kimono/haori/obi set from one of those vintage kimono vendors, and a hakama from the other. Also a really pretty obi for my gf. Managed to get really good deals on all that. A pair of the Chinese dragon Onmyodo sneakers, which I basically knew before leaving home that I wouldn't be able to pass up in the flesh. I couldn't be happier about these or the vintage stuff above. In the AA I found a really fantastic hand-screened t-
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