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  1. fair enough, but usually when the question is worded like that it becomes a matter of offering any available information. I do not see how that response was in any way an acceptable answer given you just provided 5 or 6 plausible questions to base an answer off of. Any one of those would have sufficed more than "If you haven't heard I don't know what to tell you."
  2. I haven't had any problems since we paid with cash, but then again you've inspired me to go check my account balance tonight. Also check out my Marriot review in the Hotel Reviews thread since I don't want to go off topic and give my list of grievances with them here.
  3. I missed you guys at otakon? We walked around artists alley for quite awhile too. I'm slightly disappointed in myself. Awesome comedy series and keep up the good work. [insert random fanboyish quote about screwing the rules or my hair telling me something.] Any chance you guys might be able to have an event for next year, something like a poker tournament, but with no hookers? You could call it something like "Seto Kaiba's Screw The Rules Poker Open" or something.
  4. We were relatively close to the front of the prereg line and we never heard a thing about it. We were all looking forward to the movie, but since everyone seemed to be hush hush about it and we couldn't figure out what was going on at all I just said screw it and we did something else. Very disappointing that there wasn't something a bit more public to accompany it or at least tell your people when you're out of tickets so that we don't ask people and have our response be something like this: Me - "Hey, whats the deal with the Tropic Thunder screening?" Staffer - "If you didn't hear a
  5. Hotel: Marriot Inner Harbor Number of People: 4 Walk to BCC: Around the corner The Good: - Very courteous staff who seemed pleasantly ignorant of all the cosplayers loafing around - Spacious rooms - Large wide screen TV to hook up DVD Player, Wii or anything else you might need - More electrical sockets than I knew what to do with - Really, REALLY comfortable bed. Did I mention it was comfortable? - Big bathroom with a good shower The Bad: - Way too expensive ($1256 since I didn't get the Otakon rate in time) - Parking is way too expensive too ($150+ for both car
  6. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but that actually seems cool. Last time I went to a baseball game, my girl at the time got hit by a fly ball and ran to the concession stands everytime a left handed batter was at the plate, so I can imagine what kind of craziness a few hundred Otaku could be involved in. I'd think cosplaying at the game would be a bad idea from my story above though.
  7. Coming from Philadelphia to Baltimore was quite an experience, and from what I can tell it can get a little on the expensive side: A few notes: - Our trip was very last minute - Our trip extended from Thursday around noon to Sunday around 4 PM Preregistration: $55 - Andrew $65 - Shaun and I each (We did it 11:30 on the last night) $70? - Rob (He paid on Friday, never asked how much) Hotel - $1256 (Marriot after all the hotel space for the con was gone) Car Expenses: $45 - Tank of gas for me (Round trip) $50 - Tank of gas for Andrew (Round trip) Parking
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