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  1. sulkyselkie

    Schedule is Out!

    Otakon's Twitter is indicating this weekend: https://twitter.com/Otakon/status/1151912674227343362 I wouldn't be surprised to see it go live next week, though.
  2. sulkyselkie

    Autographs Information

    Hi there! Last month, someone asked the Otakon Twitter account for information on the autograph sessions. The reply they received was: "Autograph session details will be announced soon, but there will be a mix of paid VIP (like the concerts), panel sessions, and first-come first-served autograph lines. Some autographs will allow brought merch, others will require a merch purchase (dependent on the contract)." It's been almost four weeks since then, with no details announced. Can anyone confirm if there will indeed be paid VIP tickets to the autograph sessions, and when these would be made available for purchase? Which autographs will require merch purchases, and which won't? (I have some blank shikishi boards that I was hoping to get autographed.) Also, how will the autographs be structured? What will the line system be like? Thanks for any answers you can provide!
  3. sulkyselkie

    Schedule is Out!

    For those interested, the autograph sessions have been added to the schedule!
  4. sulkyselkie

    Schedule is Out!

    I'm surprised that the autograph sessions haven't been added to the schedule yet! We're only two weeks away, what could be happening? I can't plan out my schedule until I know what autographs are being offered when...Otakon, please hurry!
  5. sulkyselkie

    Preferred Seating Clarification

    Matt, Kelly, thank you for answering! I think I might aim to get to the concert about 30 minutes before showtime to get closer to the front. Good to know that I can get seated at that time instead of standing in line! Also, I really like that you're offering some options for getting guaranteed seating and/or meeting the guests! The older I get, the less I hold up well waiting in line, so it's great to not have to worry. I hope you keep offering this in the future!
  6. sulkyselkie

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    Definitely looking forward to the Bradio concert now! Never heard of them before, but watched some music videos and I'm liking what I hear.
  7. sulkyselkie

    Preferred Seating Clarification

    Hi...I was wondering if I could get a clarification on how Preferred Seating will work? I see on the Showclix site that Preferred Seating ticket holders will be seated after VIP ticket holders for any given concert. My understanding of that is that Preferred Seating ticket holders may queue up in their own line as early as they like, but must stand in their line and will not be seated until the concert start time. Is this correct? Sorry if this seems pedantic, I'm just trying to get a feel for how to plan out my afternoon. (Last year, I was a Distant Worlds VIP ticket holder and showed up 5 minutes before the concert started and got seated right away. I'm assuming that I'll need to arrive earlier and wait in a line before being seated with my Preferred Seating ticket; I'm just trying to figure out how early.)
  8. sulkyselkie

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    In general, I really hope the Makerspace comes back! We kept meaning to go, but just never found the time. Anniversary-wise, I agree that a retrospective of the AMV contest would be a great idea! Maybe some sort of panel discussing the history of the con from its inception to present day? That might be cool.