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  1. Tainted23


    Assuming I can keep my cat outta my furry scarf, we'll be in line thurs and possibly during the day sunday.
  2. YaY! Oh are you guys going to be in their noah forms ortheir normal form? If you in their Noah form, would you mind if I asked what kind of make-up you use. I can't seem to find the right stuff. It either gives me an allergic reaction, or it doesn't look right. TT-TT
  3. We're going as Tyki and Rhode.
  4. Tainted23


    Is anyone else planning on cosplaying from Ragnarok? Either RO, Ragnarok the animation or the manga series. I'd love to meet up with some of you if you are! My fiance and I are planning on going as our characters, a champion and a professor.
  5. Do an oldies but goodies night maybe? Outlaw star/cowboy bebop, dragonball, ranma, fushigi yugi, yorodin samurai troopers, eva? Get people that are new to anime into some of the older "classics"? Not to mention seeing them on the big screen would be great.
  6. A yaoi (and to be fair yuri) room would be nice. The one year they did something somewhat similar, with gakuen heaven, princess princess... and something else I think. My memory sucks though so I'd have to dig up my old programs. For everyone though, a showing of Genshiken would be great! Show us how bad us otaku really are and let us laugh over it.
  7. Next year, my fiance and I are reworking our costumes from this year (Hotohori and Nuriko from Fushigi Yugi) and gonna add in either D and Leon from Petshop of Horrors or our two characters from Ragnarok online. We haven't decided yet, I might see if I can't push him to both!
  8. I got the disk but have yet to install it, my laptop cranked and spit the disk back out. Haven't downloaded it yet cause everytime I sit down at the comp, I get sucked onto WoW or RO...
  9. Anyone know how to get ahold of the Wizzywig people? I'd love to know if they have an online site or something.
  10. Plushies: 1 Large arcangeling! (kya~ so cute!) 3 Small porings (angeling, drops and poring) 1 Deviling keychain 1 Smokie keychain 2 small sonic plush (for the kid) Manga: Ragnarok vol2 New petshop of horrors vol 2 Dvds: Gravitation Box set Princess Princess vol 2 & 3 Ragnarok the animation vol 2 Gakuen Heaven vol 3 & 4 Angel's Feather Bleach PSP game Apparel: Otakon t-shirt 4 Pins for my hat of pins. Gravitation bag (that got stolen while down there ~.~) and way to many djs to count.
  11. Place I stayed: Tremont Park Number of people in room: 5 Hotel Staff: Lazy, unhelpful (and borderline illiterate). Walk to the con center: Around 10 minutes? Didn't time it but it was massively far The bad: No tv hook ups, room wasn't what we asked for (1 bed instead of 2), tiny bathroom, water temp was horrible (one min it's scalding the next it's cold), room temp was as bad. There was next to no parking, we had to go 2 blocks down for a garage or pay for valet parking. The good: Umm... not much... the bed was comfy? Would you stay there again?: Hell no!
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