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  1. OKAY! I just got back from Tekkoshocon VII .... even thou its only a half hour away xD I am def. doing tidus for otakon... as well as Terry Boraguard from Fatal Fury (It was a huge success!) as for a third for fun i am undecided XD soo there!
  2. Okay! I got update... No umbreon since my g-f dumped me x.x Tidus is ultimately on for Saturday Friday is a toss up... IF i get it done then Gannondorf otherwise its gonna be Terry from Fatal Fury Sunday i do not cosplay because it is too much of a hassle
  3. okay in addition i may be x ing the gannondorf costume... me and my girlfriend maybe going as espeon and Umbreon
  4. cool!! i did hakufu this past otakon. I need to lose some weight to do Ashe for next year and thinking about doing Aerith Crisis Core also
  5. OMG If you go as Yuna in the Wedding Dress.... I SOOOOOOOOOOOO Have to get a picture with you next year at Otakon since im going as Tidus
  6. well.... im going as Gannondorf... havent decided from Twighlight Princess or Brawl my firend is forcing me to do it x.x and also Tidus the third tay... i have no idea yet.. any ideas? xD
  7. Hi Guys! Loved Otakon to start off! Now for the topic at Hand I was one of the Three Tidus' this weekend and I need pictures of me desparately because when i had my pictures developed, Walmart had decided to screw them up so if you have any picutres that would be nice Oh and btw Friday i was the kid who was the Incredible Hulk and I had painted myself Green Saturday i was Tidus sunday i got lazy and didn't cosplay. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c142/Bla.../MeandSephy.jpg Thats the only picture i have from otakon ;_;
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