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  1. oh geez.. costs... >__< Most of my money is going towards Anime Expo (the weekend before Otakon) OTL i have my plane ticket for that and everything's a go. most of my spending money for Otakon will be made there.. as well as my train ticket money OTL I have just enough now for pre-reg & the table ^^;;
  2. this is coming up so fast D: i need to finish my new prints i___i
  3. its usually just me and my roommate traveling up together. but, after getting there, we are going to be with a large group who are also in AA. ^___^
  4. I think every year ive gone, ive always been a part of the thursday pre-reg line x'D last year.. ugh.. thank god we had a car for a bit.. but we got SOAKED coming outta the BCC... i remember how there was 7 of us huddled under an awning for like.. about a halfhour/hour waiting for the rain to let up before we said 'screw it' and ran to the hotel. i usually have my sketchbook, DS, and am always open for a good conversation~ i sometimes give out free sketches to people who are super nice too ^____^
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