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  1. I was thinking of playing Yukari. I'm new to cosplaying, and I'm hoping her outfit should be a simple enough start that I can pull off.
  2. The Cake is a Lie shirt from VG Cats in the Artist Alley (20$) blue Destiny Island Surf Club shirt from Kingdom Arts booth (20$) 2 black fox tails (37$) 2 Mushishi DVDs, volume 1&2 (40$) First volume of Gunslinger girls (10$) Volume 7&10 of FMA (20$) Year of the Horse necklace and Serenity Pendant (25$) Death Note messenger Bag (32$) I'm pretty happy with everything I bought this year.
  3. I know I must have seemed like a weirdo to these people, but I'd like to thank the kids who were in front of me in the line for the masquerade for letting me kind of join their group. My cousin abandoned me in line at the last minute, leaving me alone, but the people I was talking to in front of me let me join their group, without treating me like a crazy stranger for attaching myself to them. I know I must have seemed odd, but it made me feel so much better, having other people to sit with during the masquerade and hang out with, and most importantly, having people to walk back to the convent
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