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  1. That had been there a while before anyone noticed it. I saw it Saturday night while on patrol with my staff friend.
  2. Gasoline: $40 Hotel: $250 (argh, too much for a hotel that was too far IMO) Food: $40 ish Parking: $66 Adult Beverages: $10 Espresso to get home: $4 $410 all told + $85 for Gungrave.
  3. Hello all, this is George Davidson (the one who was on your left and didn't wander into the audience), cohost of "Your Definitive Anime" and we (Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer and I) were hoping we could get some feedback on our panel. The room was mostly full and everyone seemed to have a good time, but I wanna hear what you all thought about the our panel. Simple "I enjoyed your panel" is nice, but if you can give more in depth feedback that would be very much appreciated. Things like did you enjoy our lecture on how anime exploded, did you like where Karl went around and got people's stories, di
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