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  1. I'll be a man and admit out of all the anime I've seen/watched Gunbuster got me to tear up a bit
  2. ok a sort-of reminder to all interested Saturday afternoon folk's say what 2 or 3pm? I don't wanna leave anyone out that might wanna catch the Eva 1.0 movie that runs till 2:30pm that saturday for those that missed it friday night. but where is still the question. I still say either the fountain area near the game room or the fountain area near the shops and food court and the waterfront area
  3. well at 6:30pm est I can catch the Centurions on Boomerang
  4. We really should decide on the time for this AND who's taking the picture's. I vote for Saturday afternoon to be best optimal time for 2 reasons (well I hope) 1. Con's in full swing. 2. It's before the Cosplay. as for the photographer.... I have no idea, anyone? (btw I'll be doing Urahara Kisuke)
  5. ok when I had to modify my hotel stay, and you can do this too, at the VERY bottom there is section for you to add your rewards program number for that hotel as I was able to add my HHonors number too my passkey reservation
  6. well how about Bang a Gong (get it on)
  7. well my original budget went out the window on Saturday May 9, 2009. I bought a new car, whoops there goes 2k for the down payment and $355 monthly payment for the next... SIX years!
  8. OMFG... was just painting my 1/100 MG RB-79 Ball "Shark Mouth Version" and the G**D*** manipulator broke into 8 tiny pieces.... now I'm mad....
  9. ok quick Q though should a meeting spot gets decided on; How do ya prove that your an AMV maker to others at the meeting? cause I myself have quite a few AMV's that I never submitted into any contest but I would be tempted to do this meet-up type thing.
  10. ok I'm gonna say this about Dragonball GT, it was done by COLLEGE kids and only the first half was bad the second half where Goku goes SSJ4 was not bad. As for another show that shouldn't be.... ANY anime that NEVER went past 1 or even 2 episodes... They get ya hooked and then poof nothin new to keep you watching.
  11. I'm amazed that alot of you seemed to forget 1 BIG thing, the place they are planing for is the building BETWEEN the Baltimore Convention Center and the hotel, for that building is the Hilton's convention center. I apologize for going a bit off topic there. ok I FOUND what I was looking for, finally.... check this link out for floor plans and construction details Hilton convention center.
  12. well I was thinking of bringing a portable DVD player to watch some movies while waiting in line, then its back to the Hilton and its pool
  13. cool, I'm thinking about entering a vid for the first time, just need to know the output resolution
  14. ok new topic here; Who has ever had a dream about an anime convention? How often? Am I the only one? I personally like having these types cause its better than the zombie ones and its a sign that I need my con fix soon
  15. OK also a warning on those 5-hour energy drinks that are advertised to have no crash effects.... DO NOT take more that ONE bottle every 48 hours i do believe that is the warning on those little orange bottles, and with good reason too as they can have serious medical repercussions. For me, I've done no-doze, monster energy drinks, soda, tea, and the 5-hour energy and out of all of them the two things that workk for me to keep me going is soda (Dr. Pepper since I can't get any Big Red) and tea (Lipton with no lemon). Everyone is different though
  16. I remember awhile back seeing floor plans for the new hotel and it's convention space, it looked good because the THREE buildings where inclosed walkways. [thats right I said three]
  17. Well for Friday, maybe Tatewaki Kuno (got the blue kendo outfit and the wooden sandels ) Then on Saturday be one of the many Urahara Kisuke's from Bleach (found the cain with the flame skull bottom at a vendor last year in the dealers room, and gotta get the wig ) But as for Sunday... well that all depends on what i find in the Dealers room then wont it
  18. RTeker

    Hotel Price

    yes B.o.T. (Back on Topic)... well as far as I can tell, the closer we are getting to the con the higher prices are going to get. Just checked on Orbitz and the following is what I got in the search for the dates 7-17-09 through 7-19-09 Holiday Inn Express BALTIMORE AT THE STADIUMS from $161 per night--- this is the hotel near the Ravens stadium Hilton Baltimore from $194 per night--- this is the new one thats connected to the convention center Hampton Inn Baltimore-Camden Yards from $194 per night--- this one is near the Hilton though just a couple of blocks east of it
  19. RTeker

    Hotel Price

    sheesh, so it take it you guys don't eat dinner if your up at 2 am and hungry lol seriously what about the Hard Rock or the the ESPN Zone that's down near the aquarium? Aren't they open that late or no?
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