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  1. I live in the northern of VA and I'm still going despite how the economy is because if you think about it, you stay home and don't spend money the economy goes down. That goes down, then there will be layoffs for people meaning less money for the economy... and the cycle repeats over and over. So that is why you gotta stand up, give the stock market the bird and go to Baltimore because we otaku that go help stimulate the local economy. Heck, the city loves it when we come and invade Sure you can't spend like crazy as one used to do, but doesn't mean that you have to stop your fun activitie
  2. RTeker

    Uh... who?

    well... I did one way back in '99 at katsucon. Went as Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie Poltergeist Report.... ; worst idea but then again was my very first time trying to cosplay
  3. Heh, I'll give this a go too -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: RTeker Age:: 31 Male or Female:: Male Do you need sleep at a con? Yes of course Drink or smoke:: Dink---not yet, Smoke---NO WAY Tell us about yourself:: Too much to tell -Convention Stats- Do you go to panels? Not really Do you attend the dances/raves? Rarely, always seem to tire out around that time Do you spend any time gaming? A fair bit when there is nothing to watch. Do you participate or go to the masquerade? I enjoy going to the masquerade. Do you cosplay? Aye Are you
  4. what I wish for was a Model corner or something like that for those that would want to work on their models at a con as something like a group activity. Able to help newbies out with advise. Try to prevent people from making the worst mistakes cause as far as I know, it almost impossible to get replacement parts for that 1 or 2 pieces that are ruined or damaged
  5. RTeker

    Hotel Price

    well I think the passkey system got me a better deal. $189 through the passkey versus $198 on Orbitz ( cheapest I could find) at the Hilton hotel
  6. That just makes me mad, I bought 1/100 MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 not too long ago and have it mostly done and then I put it aside to work on at a later date and woun't ya know it, the EASIEST piece to loose if ya don't glue it is the yellow head antenna. That peice got knocked off and I can't find it so I either finish it and keep in the Mobile Armour mode or Toss it and flush $50 down the drain....
  7. hmmm tempting, because 2 of those stores are near me, the Gainsville and Stafford stores....
  8. Or how about "Voodoo Child" by Rogue Traders (from Doctor Who season 3) and also "I Can't Decide" by Scissor Sisters(also from Doctor Who season 3)
  9. I have a great idea that I would do if I had some friends to do this skit. Dress up as Shinigami from bleach and wear shades and a black Fadora style hat (sp), looking like a cross between the Blues Brothers and random Shinigami (you can see where this is going now can't ya ). We do a lip-sync dance routine to the song, Soul Man. It would be a good skit I have to say.
  10. sorry 'bout that. ok BACK on topic, recently Megazone 23: Complete Collection came out and I'm wondering if its worth getting? Whats the details/plot on this show if anyone has seen it. see for me my top 3 styles I watch are 1. Mecha/Sci-Fi 2. Martial Arts/Action (Ranma, Bleach, Naruto, etc...) 3. Eechi/Hentai (although not too much there )
  11. well yea but the 'TRUE' Pioneer company that gave us all the old great shows like the Tenchi series (expect GXP and the recent Tenchi OVA's), Vandread, and El Hazard no longer exists and thats that i meant. Geneon has, in my opinion, a LONG way to go to prove themselves.
  12. really? huh my mistake then, I mean I hadn't seen anything recent from them personaly and I had thought that like Pioneer, they too slipped away 'quitely into the night'. sorry about that then folks
  13. so its now Officially Official..... this was also talked about awhile back either here on the OtaBBS or on Coming Soon i forget which but again cool
  14. As I said in another topic but I'll say it here for all the lovely otaku here start making you budget for Gas, Hotel, Food, and DEALERS ROOM!!!! (BWAHAHAHA)[that's a must always ] and if you can stick to your spenditures (budget) you might just return home with some money to spare Course I'm lucky cause BoA thats there is my bank so don't have to worry about that dreaded ATM fee that most probably do.
  15. Holy crap! When did that happen??
  16. ok since this is a general chit-chat channel I'm gonna bring this one up cause its been bouncing in my head for a while now. Has anyone else noticed that when it come down to an Anime Genre that one company sticks to mainly that one but will release some minor types too. For example; Bandai has a PRIMARELY (sp) does anything dealing with Mecha-type shows. Like ALL the Gundam shows, Escaflowne, Code Geass Leouch and others like it.
  17. Oh come on people you are missing at least TWO great artists that are great; 2. FIRE BOMBER!!!!! (my personal favorite of theirs is Totsugeki Love Heart) 1.KISS!!!!! but there is also Kon'ya wa Hurricane from Bubblegum Crisis
  18. budget.. bah my budget has never changed in the 10 years of con going, because I plan things for 2-3 cons 1 year in advance ALWAYS and the only time I had to break that budget was when I was unemployed for 3 months. Cause of that I had to beg my parents for money that one time, other than that I'm always underbudget and tend to bring money back. Now I've had to drop a couple cons from my "Lists of Cons" to hit cause of the distance to them or work interfers with the dates. So my only advise to those reading is to plan 6months to 1 year in adnvance that way you have time to either modify you
  19. Anyone know or have info about alot of the old anime series stuff from the mid to late 90's that alot of companies had released back on VHS. Cause I don't know about anyone else but I'd like to see about replacing all my VHS copies of shows for DVD versions since my last funtioning VCR recently fraked out on me (frak-see Battlestar Galactica ). Also what about all the shows that did hit DVD but either the companies either lost the licences for them or he companies are no longer around. The only way i've been able to do those was through Amazon.com and found some great deals but others just n
  20. dont care at this point on who wins it since my team the Redskins are out but i am glad that the cowboys are out
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