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  1. On Oct. 21, 2008 Bioware and LucasArts are gonna release a new Star Wars MMO called; Star Wars
  2. Let's be honest here, the moment they started up NON-cartoons (i.e. live action stuff) Cartoon Network hosed themselves and it seems like they are trying to loose viewers. Its called 'Cartoon Network' for a reason not live programing network. The exec's at CN have lost their minds. I just left this comment on their websites feedback spot; "You are out of your mind cancelling Toonami. If your gonna cancel something, Canel all that live acting shows. Your called CARTOON Network for a reason, so show only ANIMATED programs." I think that should make a point, heck if my email to
  3. well I don't know about anyone else but I'm thinking of spending the time after I get my badge by playing in the Hilton's pool, tire myself out and go to bed then. so Pool parties at you hotels sound like a good plan
  4. Try this one, they do commission work; http://www.qqcosplay.com/index.html
  5. Well, I just got my Hilton Honors card and info through the snail-mail route and what I believe that, for EVERYONE that has reserved a room with the Hilton, that if you are with the HHonors with the Hilton then you show the card you got or will get to the check-in people. when you check-in to the hotel next July and there is still no solution to the HHonors question then proceed with what I just said. that should work at getting you the points and stuff, and for those of you that reserved a room with the Hilton but dont have the HHonors with them, go get it.
  6. take a look here http://www.cosplaymagic.com/ or http://www.qqcosplay.com/index.html found these sites and they have a few good ideas for you if you can't decide. i recommend this way if you have no talent, like me, at sowing or things like that I plan on doing something like this myself
  7. I forgot another this... Japanese GAME SHOWS!!! like Takeshi's Castle (did i spell that right?)
  8. ok lets see... BubbleGum Crisis, Sailor Moon, more Ranma 1/2, Your Under Arrest, El Hazard, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, almost any Gundam series, Patlabor, R.O.D, Urusei Yatsura, Ronin Warriors, Rurouni Kenshin, Oh My Goddess!, Battle Athletes heh named a few great shows there didn't I
  9. one word; Medabots the while the show was great the english dialog was just too *bleepin* awful. anything that just improvises words for the script like that.... gah
  10. i went ahead and got a thursday night at the Hilton and my rate is that same of $189 a night, but i did see that on Hilton's site that you can pre-pay now for $168 a night for thurs fri and sat nights. then again thats pre-pay as in you better have the money in the bank if you do that
  11. what would have been great though if a Dalek had shown up. I've seen the plans on how to make one via a web search, but surpised no the less
  12. Ok here is how I see this getting set-up as.... you got 1st Division Captain Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni's and all the Hokage's along the wall and on one side the Naruto group and other side the Bleach group, ALL with their weapons (if any for the Naruto groups) and make it look like they are about to charge each other at the word go from the Bosses (the 1srt Captain and Hokage's) but to truly pull this off you would need to clear out the area where the fountain is near the Game room out and I mean COMPLETLY clear it out and have all the people set-up there for the photo-shoot. Who el
  13. well i'm in hot water on this one.... I wanna say that what i posted is not an official statement for anime usa it was just my own and only my own
  14. ok so the question now is Who would work as whom in the movie that you would see doing it Keanu Reeves=Spike ?(no idea probably an unknown girl)=Ed ?(Anne Hathaway maybe)=Faye ?(Dyane 'The Rock' Johnson)= Jet [did i spell that right?] fillin the blanks LOL [sorry wouldn't let me quick edit my last post]
  15. ok so the question now is Who would work as whom in the movie that you would see doing it Keanu Reeves=Spike ?=Ed ?=Faye ?= Jet fillin the blanks LOL
  16. I would like to do Bleach 1st Division Captain Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni since i've seen one guy try it so far BUT i'm having trouble finding the beard i need. My local Tuxedo Masters and Costume store that would most likly help me had closed shop a while back and i've seen some possibilties via google search but if anyone can help, PLEASE???
  17. Staffing it under the logistics crew, I may have staffed most of the AUSA years but two of them but i'm just a grunt and love helping to set-up and when I can, strike down an anime con
  18. I might go back, when i went to the o7 Katsu I really didn't like the hotel and when Katsu was at that same one for 08 I said to myself; not this year. Now since its moving back to the Hyatt for 09 I just might return to it. After all, it the same hotel that AUSA is at and I'm staffing for that one
  19. Go here http://www.systransoft.com/ and try their online free translator
  20. Ok I need some help.... I wanna do 1st Division Captain Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni for next year BUT my main and only problem is finding a long enough white goatee beard and moustache and the drooping eyebrows. If anyone knows where I can find the right beard (I tried to google it under costumes goatee beards and nothin good), please PLEASE help. Thank you
  21. Oh man, today I was a bit scared that i got the wrong Hilton for Ota '09 until i check that address with a few maps. 401 W. Pratt Street this is indeed the new hotel for which I'm glad i put in for right after Ota '08 ended cause not a whole lot of options left from the Otakon 2009 Lodging Reservation site. And yes I even check the Hilton's own site and they are charging $194.65 so if you can get into the Ota block ASAP for $189.00 (thats for 1 person and 1 room on both prices listed)
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