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  1. I had thought about doing Captain Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni. But iwanna do a good one but i'm no good making anything myself though
  2. Well, I think I did pretty good honestly Hotel $179 for Friday (prepaid for it last year in '07) $189 for Saturday night Parking $19 for the weekend (priority member with Holiday Inn ) Pre-reg $55 Gas $0 (took my parents car ) Food about $20 (Johnny Rocket and McDonald's) Cosplay goodies $300 grand total----------------------$762. give or take with that sales tax that was i forgot how much
  3. this link http://resweb.passkey.com/go/otakon2009 How?! Anyway I forgot to say about the harbor court, we self parked and we had to drag our luggage all over creation to find the entrance to the hotel. So spend the Extra money on the valet parking lol.
  4. You put in the dates for next year right? 7-17-09 through 7-19-09 is what i used and rooms poped up. try that
  5. Place I stayed: Holiday Inn # per room: 1 (just me) Hotel staff: polite and helpfull when I was checking in Walk to the BCC: Not much really, about 1 block had to put up with the Light rail and reg traffic. The Bad: hotel gave me 2 parking passes, One on Friday and one on Sat when i checked in again so it was a little confusing when I left. The Pillows were TOO soft, I had a crink in my neck for Sat and Sun cause of them. The Good: parking would have been $45 but since I was a priority member it was $19 for the weekend as far as the TV, only watvhed it before bed and when i
  6. Urahara with cain walking though the the area SLOWLY in the wooden sandles (those shose where a bad idea on my part)
  7. What, no one heard of Rosario + Vampire. Thats a good one too
  8. Now if anyone got the Bleach season #2 dvd set and payed anything over $50 for it, you got ripped off. So what that its not out till later this month, I'll wait and pay the $40 at my local store (Best Buy ) than pay that $50 and some dealers where charging $75 for the basic set thaat did not have the Ichigo character, so anyone that did this should really think before they buy when you see a dvd set out before its street date
  9. I took and got myself some costumes, Uruhara set complete with Hat and cane altough the wooden sandles i got had to be THE worst ones cause my calves and feet were killing me for 2 days after wearing them I also found a 1st Division Captain Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni Haori?? (the white jacket) just gotta add sleeves get a bald cap and find the right beard and i can easily do that cosplay, and since my dad belongs to a woodcarver group I can get him to make up the cane easily. if you can belive it that was all I got and I came up with $600 and thats all I bought, nothing else no dvd's book
  10. I saw this on the site and decided to check it out and the fact that they were doing the room reservations this way is a great idea I booked my room for the Hilton for 2 nights. Lets be honest, the Hilton is now gonna be THE hotel to get cause who wants to walk outside in the hot summer weather. its a great boon for cosplayers, No more sweat ruining the make-up job they put on for who knows how long, right?
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