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  1. Update: We have completed post production on our interview with vgcats.com artist scott, it is posted to our website
  2. got our pics up http://www.tkntv.com/c/node/34 <----click on teh gallery link
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    I have to agree...if there were recycling bins i would have used them. I think ths would be a great idea....If everyone at otakon recycled 1 aluminum can thats 187 bucks for somone (assuming attendance of 25,000 and payout of $.0075 per can)
  4. we didn't make reservations in time so the downtows rooms were all booked up on wednsday when we tried to get a room. So we ended up staying at homestead suites near bwi (about a 10 min drive from BCC). It was a fairly decent room. One cool feature is it had a fullsize fridge, stove and a microwave. Best part it was only 70.00 per night.
  5. Here are my costs as best as i can figure....... Membership fees : $65.00 <------worth every penny Gas $125 <----- yea this hurts Parking: $46.00 <-- the cost of parking in downtown bmore was ludicrous hotel: $175.00 <-----We got of kind of cheap, by staying at a hotel by bwi. food: $40.00 <-----con food is expensive, and really low quality Beer: $20.00 <------- a necessity Total cost: 471.00
  6. tkntv.com Otakon 2008 coverage is starting to be posted on our website. We currently have a gallery (about 300 pics) and the con report will be up soon. We are also working on editing a few interviews we did with several artists at otakon including vgcats. These interviews will be posted as soon as there finished with post production. The url to find all of this stuff will be http://www.tkntv.com/c/node/34 Thanks to everyone who gave us great pictures and interviews, and we look forward to doing it again next year!
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