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  1. The long-windedness is appreciated, believe me. Yeah, we did end up having a Q&A session at the end, but I apologize that it was put after the video segment instead of before it. As for the question "Why guro?" your input is definitely very valid. We'll try to flesh out some form of an answer to that much more fully in the future. Basically, I felt a little presumptuous just making up a reason based on my own personal theories, but obviously failing to address that question is not a better approach. It's something I thought about a lot, but never managed to put together any clear, fu
  2. Thanks very much! Always glad to share the aborted fetus Jesus lovin'. (And I may have said so in the panel, but that was from Fetus Collection, one of Shintaro Kago's many incredible and hilarious manga oneshots, which is about a bunch of women having an abortion and fetus arrangement competition. It's A++ and highly recommended.)
  3. I was one of the panelists for the Erotic, Grotesque Nonsense panel Saturday night. We were all first-time panelists, so we definitely want to nip any and all problems in the bud for future cons. Have any feedback on the good, the bad, the ugly? We'd like to hear it, and honesty is appreciated. The biggest problem was definitely that panel ran a bit shorter than we had wanted, and that was mostly because a video portion we had made wound up not working. But the first thing we will do if we decide to give the panel again is to add on more content (although Legend of the Overfiend definitely fu
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