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  1. chen86


    Ehh....I am so not surprised >_>. I think in the beginning they signed the contracts partially knowing this because, really, this isn't the first time a contract dispute with SM has happened. People these days want to be famous and blindly sign contracts, I guess you could say? and now that they're all big and famous they can be like "Hey I don't want this contract anymore" and they can probably sign with some other company because of their popularity. People will back the artists because of Korean entertainments notoriety for bad contracts. I don't know how close they all are but
  2. chen86


    F.I.R. are my favorite Taiwanese/Chinese artists that I listen to. I have all their CD's...haha kinda just like BoA. http://polyvinylcrush.com/wp-content/galle...16/DSCF0486.jpg Although IMO, their last 3 albums couldn't top the first one. Despite being Taiwanese, it's kind of sad that I listen to more Japanese and Korean music more lol. I know of quite a number of them, I just don't listen to them lol. Mandarin music sites are just harder to come by as opposed to Japanese and Korean music sites.
  3. Lol, I just now noticed there was a comment thing down here.

    Glad you like the icon/sig haha, I absolutely adore BoA and Otsuka Ai. They're my two favorite Japanese singers.

  4. chen86


    Hmmm.... kind of like BEG's new single although it's a little different haha. Since my small return to the K-Pop scene, the girlgroup that's caught my attention was SeeYa. However, while looking up just now what they've been up to, I stumbled upon some old news that Nam Gyu-Ri left in April? lolol. Sooo out of the loop, feel like a noob. But this is somehow not unexpected...these groups go by so fast. One reason I drifted away from the Korean music scene in the first place. =P
  5. Hi! (: I just also wanted to say I love your icon!

  6. chen86


    I haven't been to Katsucon (was going to go but it capped), but I've heard from friends that cons at hotels are good since they're open the entire time if I believe. He also tells me that it's better to have a room at the hotel for AnimeUSA and Katsucon but it's only in Crystal City which is like ~30 minutes from me so I don't see the point in using 100$+ on a room lol. Anyone going to AnimeUSA this year? I made the wrong decision in going alone since my friends backed out and I thought "when I'm at cons, I walk alone anyway" but it was so boring when there wasn't anything to do. M
  7. chen86


    Was it at the end of the panel around a water cooler..because if so that was all of us! Man I think I saw you, next time scream out our board names. I was this close to doing it. Next year we need to all meet up for sure.
  8. chen86


    My friend and I sat all the way at the left side, 2nd row from the back. I think I may have passed you guys bc I heard people talking about Lead but I didn't wanna be creepy and go up to random people haha. I came in during the juniors segment and if you heard a guy yell out woooo..that was my friend XD I had a brown Aeropostale shirt on if that helps lol. I also cosplayed as Shinigami-sama on saturday and sunday if anyone saw that. I think I was the only one aside from another one from Friday afternoon. As for JE stuff, there was a lot more than usual. I also saw a tohoshinki b
  9. chen86


    Haha well I checked this thread just because the masquerade is kinda boring. (Yes I'm there right now on my phone). But yeah Kinokuniya? Had a buncha Japanese books and music. Too expensive though haha. Btw if you anyone was at the JE panel, I was there too but I got in at like 10:40 bc the MELL signing took forever. I was with a dude in an orange hat if anyone noticed lol, my phone also went off towards the end
  10. chen86


    I actually do listen to one song....Share the World although One Piece had a lot to do with it. And for those who want to see a really shitty picture of Mickey's high school yearbook pictures. http://img205.imageshack.us/i/mickeyhs.jpg/ Left one is 11th grade and right one is 10th again in attempt to keep a topic... one of my favorite groups, ikimono gakari's new single just came out. Which I just remembered is Naruto Shippuden's opening Not a boyband or girlband but it's got a girl and 2 boys lol. I assume all kinds of Asian entertainment is suitable for this thread.
  11. chen86


    Haha yeah, I remember Jewelry...didn't listen to them much, they were still pretty new when I stopped listening to K-pop. I still refuse to listen to DBSK....still can't get over the fact that this dude I saw everyday is now some international star XD. Although from what I hear, he is kinda the least popular one. But all of them are pretty popular. If I remember, there was something about a company taking Shinhwa but without Andy and they wanted all 6.
  12. chen86


    Lol I have absolutely no idea who those are. Shows how much into the K-pop scene I am.
  13. chen86


    We do talk about girl groups but seeing as their aren't so many in Japan it's kind of a slow moving topic, Korea on the other hand... I was going to eat at California Tortilla that day between 4 and 6
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