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  1. I would like the days inn if possible.  How do we transfer the room to my name?

  2. Purely selfish desire here ... Philly goes 2/4 in championships in major sports, coming out of nowhere like NY did last year. McNabb finally gets his ring and Philly gets more parades in 1 year than it has had in 25. 3 in total (Soul (Name any other city where we MAKE the team owner throw a free concert when his team wins), Phillies (2.5 Million people shutting down the city), Eagles???) Ricin
  3. Well, if it's any comfort, the hotels themselves aren't full yet, so you could always get a room at the regular rate...for about another month or so.
  4. When my friends and I were discussing the entries and our votes for the AMV contest, we all said that we could not vote for "Yuri the only one for me" because of the fact that anyone with enough time, energy and talent could animate a video to a custom song. It takes real skill to take already animated segments and mesh them into a coherent video. I think it would be interesting if there were enough videos to have a Best Animation or Custom animation Music video Just saying. Ricin
  5. I have stayed at several hotels over my years at otakons past. I will give you my reviews of the past two. Place I stayed: Holiday Inn - Inner Harbor Number of People in room: 1 (2008-2007), 5(2006),7(2005) Hotel Staff: Great in recent years, in 2006 I had an incident with the night staff but the day time manager upgraded me to a suite because of major problems with my room. Walk to the con center: At most 5-10 minutes depending on the trolleys and traffic crossing the street. The bad: TV front hook-ups are disabled. Parking was 21 dollars a night, 19 if you are a priority club
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