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  1. I saw you guys at one point; you got there about the same time my friend and I did. I didn't get any pictures, but I loved your costumes!
  2. oh, and an FN P90 replica AEG. i guess i really cut loose here, and i'm still not satisfied. currently ebaying figurines that i missed.
  3. had quite a haul at otakon. had to make a couple of trips to the hotel as well. figurines: Izumi Konata in Winter Suit Figma Gothic Lolita Suzumiya Haruhi Black Bunny Girl Nagato Yuki Live Alive Black Bunny Girl Suzumiya Haruhi Live Alive Witch Nagato Yuki Ichinose Kotomi Fujibayashi Kyou C.C. Tsuruya-san in Maid Cafe Outfit Lucky Star 4-piece miniature set (Konata, Tsukasa, Kagami, Miyuki) and a Code Geass T-shirt couldn't find a single Lucky Star wall scroll, and all the Code Geass scrolls were mucked up by having Lelouch or Suzaku featured prominently.
  4. hey all, this was my first time at otakon. i was wondering if anyone had pics of my group. there were the mario bros. each carrying a hammer, and a joker and a two-face from dark knight. thanks.
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