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  1. They're taking reservations online as well (and had been as of at least midnight), but the price was even higher, $199 a night =/ And the hotel didn't say they'd start taking reservations for Otakon, specifically, on the 15th...I dunno what other people asked, but when I called, I didn't even mention Otakon and they told me to try back on the 15th...it's just the day they start taking reservations for August 2008 ^^;
  2. I'm a sap, so I've teared up a lot...I think the most I've cried for a single anime was actually twice during Code Geass (anyone else seen it and cried :X). First at the end of episode 14, and then at the end of episode 23...that was just painful x_x I also cried during parts of various Gundam series, Nana, Chrno Crusade, and...at the end of YuGiOh, only because I was upset that it was ending T^T
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