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  1. I'll be there with my usual con group.
  2. Just so I'm sure: there's no attendance cap, right?
  3. She does not have a degree. By the time I go to Japan, she should have her RN from the local community college, but I guess that would only count as a 2 year degree. So basically, there's probably not much of a chance she'll be able to come over for the whole year, huh? So basically, there's probably not much of a chance she'll be able to come over for the whole year unless she can get some kind of allowance through the embassy or the Japanese government, huh? I guess she could apply for dual citizenship, but that would seem rather tedious for a year's tenure...especially considering I ha
  4. So if she did manage to get a full-time job at this hospital within the 90 days allowed by the visa, would she be able to stay for the year? Or, if she was able to contact the hospital and have them agree to let her work their either as a nurse or doing clerical work (depending on where she is in her studies at that time) before heading over there, would that work as well? I never expected anyone from the source to actually be on the boards; this is very helpful and I appreciate you taking your time to answer my questions. ZGL, thank you as well. I have contacted the JET portion of the Ja
  5. I didn't want to hijack Arasef's thread, so I created this one instead. I need some help--or rather, my girlfriend does. Here's the skinny: I'm planning to apply for the JET program at the end of this year (to leave next summer). For those unfamiliar, it's a program that, if you get accepted, allows you to be an Assistant Language (English in my case) Teacher in Japan for a year. My girlfriend was interested in tagging along for the year, because she was informed by my Air Force friend that Tokyo apparently has a hospital that is staffed with mostly English-speakers. I'm assuming it's mea
  6. Here's my take on it: It's not illegal. No one was harmed; it was animated, as was previously pointed out. Furthermore, it says the prosecutors believe the depictions to be underage, which says to me it's not like they're animated toddlers or anything, because then there would be no believe about it, in my opinion anyway. I'd like to believe that a reasonably proven person (a.k.a. the jury) would be able to see this, but I don't have faith in the general populace of Americans to look at things at more than just face value. And if this passes, that raises a lot of questions about what will
  7. Huh...I didn't know anyone actually did this. Ironically though, my usual group for Otakon has made it a tradition to go to Edu Sushi on Sunday evening since Otakon 06. I wish I could say this year's service was a great as past years, but unfortunately I can't. Here's the story: So first I had sent most of the group ahead to secure us a table, while my girlfriend and I waited outside the BCC for the last member of our group, who had volunteered to help at a table in the Dealer's Room. When it had been almost 30 mins after he said he'd be out, we decided we were too damn hungry, and he kne
  8. The other day I had to drive by the BCC to get home after being rejected from a band audition. Talk about a double dose of depression...I was driving home from Arbutus of course feeling dejected, and then the BCC came into site and I started remembering how much fun Otakon was...which of course depressed me more. *sigh* It sucks.
  9. This sucks...I'm still attached to Otakon and I just started back to college today...so you know this is depressing. Come on 09!!! I need the 'Kon in my life!
  10. Did anyone see me as either the Setsuna with the plexiglass Nanatsusaya or as Hagi with the wooden coffin (I would have had a Saya with me).
  11. So what would be a good name for an Otakon guild?
  12. It's fun enough for a free-to-play MMO. It has its bugs, but overall it's not bad. I think the criteria to form a guild is one of us needs to have so much gold and at least a two person party when making the guild.
  13. So did anyone else get one of the discs for the Florensia MMO in their pre-reg bag? Of course you can apparantly download it online for free if not, but I digress... It's a fun little game, albeit still in it's beta stage. But if there are other Otakon otaku out there playing with me, perhaps we can all form an Otakon guild.
  14. It feels good to know that I'm not the only one. I mean, it really sucks because Sunday is like "Woohoo, giant gathering of otaku...." "GET OUT OF THE BCC!" and then the otaku disperse. A friend of mine was playing around with the idea of how we could do a huge otaku gathering on Sunday post-otakon...there's a spot in the inner harbor that's pretty big that might be good for a gathering. Anyway I'm babbling now.
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