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  1. Haha. I'm on Club4AG. Haven't been on in ages since I sold my AE86 a few years ago. I used to always be on Club4AG and on MR2OC. I still frequent MR2OC every so often since I still own a SW20.
  2. I didn't buy much... JAM Project T-Shirt JAM Project CD Five Star Stories Stuff Devil Hunter Yohko Stuff
  3. Hotel: Radisson Lord Baltimore The hotel interior reminded me and my friends of The Shining. I waited for the little boy to come down the hallway. LOL Oddities: Everytime I got in the elevator and wanted to go to the Lobby, it went to the Lower Lobby first ALL the time, opened the door, and the went to the Lobby. I really was waiting for the little boy there. LOL Overall, I enjoyed it. I would have rather been in the Hyatt, but oh well. Would I stay there again? Yes, if other hotels are not available though.
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