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  1. I know of two booths that were selling older DVD's, Otaku Joe and Media Blasters. Both were legit.
  2. I went and updated it to the official number for 2018. Usually numbers will be based on ANN and animecons.com, and those numbers publish/reported to them often change later. Someone needs to go in and fix the guests lists, but that's a different topic.
  3. I'd like to join the Industry Panel comments here. Extremely Ugly Simply put, Sentai Filmworks need to put up or shut up with it's Industry panel. This is the second year in a row Sentai's panel was basically pointless. IF they were a fan panel, they would not be back. Only 20 minutes out of 60 used for content? Went to random QA after 20? That's not acceptable, a fan panelist who wanted to get in could have used that time much better. There was so much they could have padded the panel with. Lets just get to the point. Discotek needed another 15-30 minutes on Sunday. Just give the ex
  4. Eric Set A - 100 pictures Eric Set B - 100 pictures Eric Set C - 100 pictures Eric Set D - 88 pictures R-T Set A - 100 pictures R-T Set B - 100 pictures R-T Set C - 40 Pictures Erica H Set - 68 Pictures JD Set - 64 Pictures Several gallery's from members of our Anime Club (BUMAC) who attended Otakon. Our one member gave us 1500 pictures I'm still working on...might be done around January. Blah.
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