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  1. I am still looking for pictures of Donut, as well as pictures from the MGS photoshoot. And another one I remembered... I think only one person took this picture, but maybe I'll be lucky enough for her to see this thread. At one point, Vincent Valentine and I posed together, acting like we were about to fight (Ocelot vs. Vincent Valentine). If anyone has this picture, I need it.
  2. So, I think it was Friday or Saturday afternoon, there was a guy that took a bunch of pictures of me and my friends, as well as a bunch of the other cosplayers at the MGS photoshoots, and he wrote down our e-mail addresses, saying he would send us the pictures. Anyone have any idea who he was or how I can contact him? He took some very good shots that I would like to get...
  3. >.< I hate Seymour with a passion. Lawl. He was a ... Well, I won't finish that since I don't completely know the rules on profanity and such in this forum.
  4. Heh. Believe it or not, it is just a week after Otakon, and I already have 3 costumes planned that I want to wear. Otacon from MGS4, Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic (two different outfits), and Caboose from Red vs. Blue. And POSSIBLY Ocelot as a fourth, if I find the time and money to get the right stuff.
  5. Yeah, so Saturday morning I dressed as Donut and had my picture taken an uncountable number of times. Anyone got one of those pictures? Also, I was one of the... I think there were about 5 Ocelots. I was the one without a hat and with only one revolver, and I ran around with an Eva and Snake the whole time. I need pictures from that as well. Also... The Metal Gear Solid skit. Anyone know where I can get videos of that? I was in that skit. Thanks to anyone that can get me these pictures!
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